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The primary objective of bandana.co.in is to provide a platform for individuals to indulge in the realm of Stories, Poems, and Lyrics in an online format. Unfortunately, in today’s modern society, the significance of ancient cultures often tends to be overlooked. With the increasing reliance on online music platforms, the traditional art forms, such as folk songs and music, like the mesmerizing Jhumar, are not given the attention they deserve. Originating from regions like Odisha, Bengal, and Jharkhand, Jhumar holds profound cultural value. Recognizing this gap, bandana.co.in strives to bridge the divide by showcasing and promoting the rich heritage of Jhumar and other similar cultural activities through their online publication.

Kudumi Cultural Society

Kudumi Cultural Society, established by founder T.N. Shankar, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich heritage of Kudmali language and culture. Since its inception in 2007, this organization has made significant strides in various sectors, with a particular focus on language development.

One of the notable accomplishments of Kudumi Cultural Society is the publication of BANDANA, a national magazine available in both Hindi and Odia languages. This literary journal showcases the works of talented Kudmali writers and artists, attracting readers and literature enthusiasts alike to appreciate the excellence of Kudmali literature.

Through its initiatives and publications, Kudumi Cultural Society has successfully increased awareness and appreciation for Kudmali language and culture. The society continues to strive towards its mission of preserving this unique cultural identity for future generations to come.

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